OS/161 Reference Manual


dumpsfs - dump information about an SFS filesystem


/sbin/dumpsfs raw-device
host-dumpsfs disk-image-file


dumpsfs dumps out selected information regarding the contents and structure of the SFS filesystem on the device it is passed.

Like mksfs, it is also compiled for the System/161 host OS, and in that form can access System/161's disk image files.


dumpsfs uses the following system calls:

Since the fstat system call is not normally part of the basic system calls assignment, dumpsfs will usually still not function after that assignment is completed. The fstat call is typically part of a later assignment, usually the file system assignment. Consult your course materials for specific information.

The host version of dumpsfs, since it runs outside of OS/161, should always work regardless of what you have and have not implemented.

Note that you may wish to extend dumpsfs in the course of doing the file system assignment.

See Also

mksfs, sfsck