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Course evaluation percentage is currently:
  • 86%. You’re so close! I will release a short answer question, a medium answer question…​as soon as I write then.

Staff Appreciation

TAs/Recitation Teachers and Dedicated Exam Graders
  • Ali Ben Ali

  • Xu Zhen

Unofficial TAs/test161 Torturers
  • Scott Haseley

  • Yihong Chen

Old Wise Man TA/Advice Giver
  • Jinghao Shi

  1. Yihong Chen

  2. Dan Conway

  3. Scott Haseley

  4. Carl Nuessle.

  5. Gela Malek Pour

  6. Guru Prasad

  7. Isaac Reath

  8. Benjamin Rueda.

  9. Jinghao Shi

  10. Mark Simpson

  11. Yousuf Zubairi

These people are volunteers!


Monday, May 9th, 3:30-6:30PM. No makeups will be given. Come or get a zero.

Identical to last year:

100 points, 180 minutes.
  • 10 easy multiple choice questions, 1 point each

  • 6 choose 4 short answer questions, 5 points each (one will be released, up to two will be from previous exams)

  • 1 medium answer question, 20 points (will be released)

  • 2 long answer questions, 25 points each (up to one will be from a previous exam)


I don’t always have free time

But I did after 421/521

What To Do Next?

Undergraduate and first-year graduate courses:

  • 422/512: OS Internals with Ken Smith. Taught in the summer.

  • 462/562: Databases with Oliver Kennedy.

  • 486/586: Distributed Systems with Murat Demirbas or Steve Ko.

  • 489/589: Networks with Dimitrios Koutsonikolas or Chunming Qiao.

More advanced courses:

  • 622: Advanced computer systems with Karthik Dantu and Steve Ko. 720:

  • Systems seminar with me, particularly for PhD students or PhD-curious Masters students or undergraduates. Next semester we will be exploring defining and improving smartphone quality of experience.

Volunteer as a ninja for 421/521 in 2016!

Join my group! This is the first step on the road to an exciting future building novel computer systems.

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