ASST0 Quickstart

  • Getting started with ASST0


  • One-time office hours today and Friday. Check the calendar.

Questions About Collaboration?

Inclement Weather

  • If Buffalo Public Schools are closed, we will not have class.

  • If the University at Buffalo is closed, we will not have class.

Questions About Course Policies?


  • Pre-class music: if you have suggestions, please stop by my office hours. One request per student per semester and requests must be made in person.

  • Travel: I will probably be traveling a bit more than usual this semester. Either one of the TAs will fill in for me while I’m gone, or we’ll show videos from last year.

ASST0 Setup

  • Today we’re going to walk through getting started with ASST0.

  • To the terminal!

How to Survive This Class

I want this class to be as enjoyable as possible. That’s the best way to learn. But here’s how to avoid dark and desperate moments.

  • Learn to type. If you don’t know how, it will slow down everything else.

  • Start assignments early.

  • Work frequently and often.

  • Schedule time to attend office hours with your partner. I’d suggest at least 4 hours per week, but more is better.

  • Pair program with your partner:

    • One person hacking, the other observing.

    • You do not want to introduce bugs into your kernel.

  • Liberally use KASSERT.

  • Write tests.

  • Find a way to iterate quickly and limit the number of untested lines.

  • Break your code into small, easily tested functions.

Next Time

  • Meet the operating system.