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Exam Review


Monday, May 9th, 3:30-6:30PM. No makeups will be given. Come or get a zero.

Identical to last year:

100 points, 180 minutes.
  • 10 easy multiple choice questions, 1 point each

  • 6 choose 4 short answer questions, 5 points each (one will be released, up to two will be from previous exams)

  • 1 medium answer question, 20 points (will be released)

  • 2 long answer questions, 25 points each (up to one will be from a previous exam)

What To Do Next?

Undergraduate and first-year graduate courses:

  • 422/512: OS Internals with Ken Smith. Taught in the summer.

  • 462/562: Databases with Oliver Kennedy.

  • 486/586: Distributed Systems with Murat Demirbas or Steve Ko.

  • 489/589: Networks with Dimitrios Koutsonikolas or Chunming Qiao.

More advanced courses:

  • 622: Advanced computer systems with Karthik Dantu and Steve Ko. 720:

  • Systems seminar with me, particularly for PhD students or PhD-curious Masters students or undergraduates. Next semester we will be exploring defining and improving smartphone quality of experience.

Volunteer as a ninja for 421/521 in 2016!

Join my group! This is the first step on the road to an exciting future building novel computer systems.

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